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Epcot: It’s All In The Details

Have you ever stopped for a moment and thought “wow, that architectural detail is amazing!” or “can you imagine how long it took them to hand carve the details in to that doorway?” Well, at Disney World I do it all the time, especially at Epcot.

There are so many things to do and see at Epcot. And I really love World Showcase. You can take a tour of Europe and Asia without ever having to leave the comfort of the Disney bubble. It gives you an authentic taste of what you could expect when visiting the 11 amazing countries that make up World Showcase.

It goes without saying that you will have many, many opportunities to sample culinary delights from around the world. But you will also get to take in the many popular sights of these countries as well. From the very rustic, authentic Stave Church replica in Norway, to the hand carved wooden doors and hand laid mosaic tiles in the Morocco pavilion, there are sights around every corner that will transport you to another place and time in history.

I happened to be at Epcot yesterday while celebrating my husband’s birthday. So I took the opportunity to snap some photos of the amazing details that can be found around The World. I hope you enjoy this little photo tour of Epcot…

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Thanks for joining my on my latest Amazing Disney Adventure! Please feel free to post questions, comments, and share this with your friends! Have a MAGICAL day!


One thought on “Epcot: It’s All In The Details

  1. Great post! Love the pics. I need a nice long stay so I can really take my time in the parks and soak in more of the details. The last few trips have been rush jobs. Having a second day at each Park is such a luxury! I envy you being so close now!

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