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Going On A Disney Date!

Can you believe that in our dozens of visits to Disney World, Tony and I have NEVER gone without the kids?!  So, a couple of days ago we decided it was time to go on a “Disney Date”!  At first I thought it might be strange to go to a park without the kids in tow. But then I remembered how much I enjoyed my solo vacations that I took a couple years ago, and how I saw the parks in a completely different light. So, I knew that touring a park with my love would be just as wonderful, if not more so.


We started the day nice and early, because we knew we were restricted to the time that Matthew would be at school. So, we dropped him off and headed right to Disney World. Thankfully, we only live 15 minutes away, and we are able to get there on a fairly quiet route, that has little to no rush hour traffic. Even with the drive and having to park and take a tram and then the Ferry, we were inside Magic Kingdom and in line to visit the Big Cheese by 10am!


I wanted it to feel like we were actually on a date. So, we dressed a little less casual than we normally do when we visit the parks, because after all, it was a special day just for the two of us! We are usually in shorts and tee shirts, but I wanted to be a little more girly and put on one of my favorite dresses, as well as jewelry, which I normally don’t wear in the parks because I don’t like to have a lot of things on when it’s very hot outside.

It was a perfect Florida day, not too humid, in the mid 80’s, with a light breeze and blue skies with big puffy clouds. But, it does heat up fast here, so it was so nice to be there earlier in the day.

We knew we only had 4 hours to spend at Magic Kingdom today, so we decided to focus on just a couple of things: visiting some of our favorite characters, going on just a couple of rides, and having lunch.  And 4 hours was just the right amount of time to accomplish all of that.

The wait for Mickey was only 20 minutes, so that was short and sweet. When we were done with that we took our leisurely stroll down Main Street, holding hands and kissing in front of the Castle. (which we do EVERY time we are there, it’s our little tradition).


We were just in time to see the Dream Along with Mickey Show at the Castle stage. It had been a while since we’d seen it because Matthew and Michael always complain that they’d rather be on the rides. So, that was a nice thing to get to do for a change. I love watching the princesses and their princes dance around the stage to their romantic theme songs. And I love seeing Minnie and Mickey in their extra sparkly costumes. The show is about 15 minutes long, so just the right amount of time before the sun started to make us a little too toasty.

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We were very leisurely. We were in no hurry to be in a particular place at a particular time. We just held hands and walked until we found something we wanted to do. First, we hopped on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. It’s one of our favorite rides at Magic Kingdom. And, naturally Tony stole a kiss or two while we were going through the nice dark parts of Space Mountain.

After that we headed to New Fantasyland to visit more of the Fab Five (six if you count Daisy) at the Pete’s Silly Side Show tent. I have a feeling that a lot of guests do not know the characters are back there yet. Which is a shame, but it turned out fabulous for us! Because there were only about 10 people in line ahead of us to see all of the characters. We were able to get to Minnie, Daisy, Donald and Goofy in about 20 minutes! I still find it strange that the Fab Five is scattered all over the place. Mickey has his own building, the other 4 are tucked away in the back corner of the park, and poor Pluto doesn’t even get a meet n greet in the shade! He’s stuck in Town Square outside in the sweltering heat. Poor guy, covered in fur and nothing to keep him cool. Sadly we did not get to see Pluto as he was having a water and dog bone break when we passed by.

000000000 000000000000 00000000000 0000000000

After that we stopped at a gift shop to peruse the offerings. I REALLY wanted a few new charms for my Disney bracelet, and since we were on a date, all I had to do was bat my eyelashes and ask politely. I love my bracelet. It’s a “portable” collection, unlike Tony’s refrigerator magnets I get to wear mine. We were joking about that — I said “well, if you wore metal plates in your shorts, you could wear your magnets around the parks”.  I also said he should be a fridge filled with Disney magnets for Halloween, but he wasn’t very receptive to that idea.


Tony has been wanting to get his picture with Gaston forever so, we headed over to the village after that. Gaston was hysterical! Probably one of the best face characters we’ve met to date. He had Gaston’s personality down to a tee. He was arrogant – but funny about it. And he flirted with the ladies, teased the kids, and charmingly insulted the dads. I took the opportunity to point out to Gaston that unlike his muscles, Tony’s are real. To which he replied ” The padding is there for your protection, ma’am”.

00000000 00000000000 0000000000 000000000

Once we were done messing with Gaston, we absolutely had to go over to the tavern so Tony could sit in Gaston’s chair for a photo. A nice couple on their honeymoon offered to take our picture, and then we did the same for them. I love all the details the Imagineers put in to all of their creations, but they’ve really outdone themselves in New Fantasyland. I just can’t say enough about all the wonderful things we discover every time we go there.

00000000000 000000000000

All the wonderful smells filling the air had our tummies rumbling. We’ve heard wonderful things about the pork shank that they serve at Gaston’s Tavern. It’s supposed to be even better than the smoked turkey legs. But, Tony’s tummy had other things in mind. He wanted a hot dog, so off to Casey’s we went! Their hot dogs are so yummy, and so filling, but worth every calorie. Tony opted for the big, honking chili cheese dog. But, for me, a nice little regular hot dog was just what I wanted. I prefer my dogs naked – no crazy toppings for me, thank you. Just a little ketchup and relish and I’m good to go. We got a nice seat at a table outside, and we were just in time to watch the Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It floats come down Main Street. Naturally, I had to sing and dance along!  I love that little parade.

After that, we had just enough time to do a little more walking and people watching. We made a stop at the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, and then headed back down Main Street to stroll through the shops. Of course, we stopped in thee most expensive shop on Main Street, and this is what I found — a jewel encrusted Cinderella Castle. And, YES the price tag says $37,500. Oh, Power Ball why do you elude me???  Some day I will have a big fancy house, and a big fat wallet with enough money to attain this amazing masterpiece!


So, our tummies all settled, we decided it was time for something sweet! And there’s no better place to find that than the Main Street Confectionery. I LOOOOVEEE the smells in that place. So sweet and sugary. And I love to watch the cast members making all the yummy treats. Today we opted for a giant peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie. For which I had all of three bites, handed it to Tony and said “I’m out, it’s all you Big Kahuna”.  And, being the sweet monger that he is, Tony gobbled it up within a minute.

Sadly, it was time to head out. But we had such a good time.

There are many, many amazing things you can do as a couple at Disney World. We had just a few hours that day, but there is so much more to see and do. Not just rides and shows. You can take a tour. Two of my favorites are the Keys to the Kingdom and the Wild Africa Trek. Which I will discuss another time. But, you can stop to watch the glass blowers create special souvenirs on Main Street. You can stop to watch the bands and street performers. You can shop shop shop til you drop drop drop! You can just sit on a bench with a frosty beverage and people watch. You can hunt for Hidden Mickeys. And another thing I love to do take photos. Not of people or attractions. But of the little things around the parks. I pick one category, and spend my time taking photos of those things. For example, one time I just walked around Magic Kingdom and took pictures of flowers and foliage. There are some amazing gardens at Disney World, and one of my favorites is the rose garden near the Castle. Another time, I decided to take photos of architectural details, and there are some great opportunities for that at World Showcase in Epcot.

As you can see, there’s lots for couples to do at Disney World. It’s not just for little kids, it’s for us big kids too! Next time we plan to visit Epcot. Take in the countries, snack around the World, and do our leisurely stroll around the park.

Thank you Tony Leto for an amazing date! I can’t wait to do it again, very soon!

Thanks for joining me! Please feel free to post comments and questions. Share my blog with your friends, and keep following me on my Amazing Disney Adventures! Have a Magical Day!


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