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Disney World Needs Some Tweaking!

Like many Disney World veterans, I have a looong list of things I would like to see changed and/or added at the Disney Parks. Today, I am going to talk about some of those things, and I invite you to add your ideas as well!

Magic Kingdom:


1. Haunted Mansion! As much as I love the entire attraction, I HATE the queue line after the stretch room that takes you to the Doom Buggies!!! There’s no order to it, and as any claustrophobic Disney veteran will tell you (ahem- my husband) it is NOT a good situation. You are herded – yes herded in to this expansive space with no rhyme or reason, and then you have to funnel in to this tiny single file space towards the doom buggies. Now, this would be all well and good if we could just work together in an orderly fashion…but who has time for that?! So, a few hundred of us inch and push our way to that tiny tube of space hoping to keep up with the rest of our family as we embark on our adventure with the 999 happy haunts we so love to visit. DISNEY – can we please change this??? How about some winding roped queue line??? Is that too much to ask!


2. Country Bear Jamboree. UGH. Has anyone seen it – ever? Cuz in the 20+ years I have been visiting, it has not changed, not one bit. The whole thing screams back woods scene from deliverance. The bears are singing about “blood on the sand”, while a hefty lady bear sits on a swing wearing a tutu. EWE!  I would LOVE to see something DISNEY in there! How about Woody’s Round Up???  I think that would be a perfect venue to recreate the TV show that we discover when Al is holding Woody captive with his fellow Frontierland-ish friends. Who’s with me?!



1. Captain Eo! THANK YOU Disney for finally realizing that 1980’s Michael Jackson does not belong in FUTURE World! I’d love to see them bring back some of the original attractions that once occupied the Imagination Pavilion, but at the same time, I think Epcot needs to move onward and upward! There’s been a lot of debate and speculation about what will happen to the pavilion when it closes for a long refurb next January, and the big rumor is that Phineas and Ferb will be taking all or most of it over. I LOVE that idea, but please don’t touch Figment! And, the other thing I would love to see there is a Mickey Mouse attraction!!! Think about it, there are no actually rides at Disney World dedicated to Mickey Mouse! Philharmagic does not count – he is not the main character, Donald is. I’d love to see some kind of Mickey Mouse based dark ride.

2. World Showcase – there is actually plenty of room for growth here. First of all – the Africa Outpost – it’s rarely busy, if ever. And Africa is more than well represented at Animal Kingdom. Let’s get rid of it! How about Australia/New Zealand? What about that huge fenced area between Canada and the UK? I remember once upon a time the area back there was used for the Budlight Brewery Beer Fest thing, and some private events. Let’s do something with all that space! How about Russia? Or maybe South America or The Caribbean? I envision kettle drum music playing in the background, with cast members in bright colorful clothing. The smell of conch fritters and mofungo filling the air. Who’s with me???


Hollywood Studios

1. The Great Movie Ride! Don’t kill me. I love the Great Movie Ride, really I do. But let’s change it up a bit! I think the movie scenes need updating. I love the classics – Mary Poppins, Indiana Jones, Wizard of Oz and the like. But I dare you to find me one kid under the age of 18 who knows who Sigourney Weaver is! Or John Wayne. Or James Cagney. Let’s change it up a bit! How about we change the western scene to Tombstone? Wyatt Erp and his gang can tear up the place. Alien could be changed to Armageddon. Tarzan and Jane need to retire. They are so old and tired! Why don’t we just demo that whole area and —— you tell me what you’d like to see! Why am I doing all the work here, people.


2. That completely dead space between Toy Story Mania and The Backlot Tour.  It has had blacked out windows for years. A cloud of mystery looms over this place with so much intensity. People cannot just walk past it without thinking “gee, I wonder what they are doing in there”?  I can tell you – shhhh – it’s currently a cast member staging area that is used to test next generation technology — but you didn’t hear it from me!  Ahem — I think — Ahem — that HUGE area – and yes, it’s bigger than it looks — ahem — it should be (might become) a Monsters Inc attraction.  Are those doors on a track with red flashing lights overhead? Are we chasing Randall to save Boo? Can we maybe ride it like a roller coaster???


Animal Kingdom

1. Festival of the Lion King. Don’t get mad, but I hate it! Soooo cheesy and it’s seen it’s day. I know that little kids seem to love it, but I think it needs to be re-imagined. I get the logical move over to Africa to make way for Avatar Land, but why even rebuild it??? Can’t we come up with something new? I’ll leave the brainstorming to you on this one.


2. Rafiki’s Planet Watch. I love the train ride up there, and while it has the makings of a nice attraction, it just hasn’t hit the mark. You can go to a petting zoo anywhere. Why do we need one at Animal Kingdom? If you’re going to do one, then Disney it up! Get more exotic animals. A cow and a few sheep just aren’t going to cut it with this crowd. We’re Disney lovers, we have great expectations when we visit, and petting a goat isn’t one of them. The pavilion it’s self has so much potential. I love the whole animal care staging area. It really is cool to watch a deer get a dental check up. But, can’t we take it a step further somehow? The vast majority of this area is wasted space, screaming “do something with me, please!”  I am really amazed that in all these years Rafiki’s Planet watch has totally fallen off the Imagineers’ radar. Get to it folks!


And those my friends are some of the things I’d like to see happen at my Happy Place. I am sure you all have some ideas of your own, so feel free to share. Thanks for joining me.

Until next time remember…



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