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Hollywood Studios: Muppet Vision 3D

Muppet Vision 3D is one of my family’s favorite attractions at Hollywood Studios!  If you’ve overlooked this show because you think your kids won’t be able to relate to the Muppets, that’s really not the case. It really has a multi-generational appeal. Kids love characters/puppets. There’s a lot of action and humor in this show that will keep adults and older kids interested. Not to mention, with the release of a new Muppets film, and the sequel coming some time next year, more and more kids are familiar with these zany characters and all of their mayhem.


Here are some mousellaneous fun facts about Muppet Vision 3D:

When guests first enter the queue for Muppet Vision 3D, they pass by posters of Muppets spoofing various movies. Some of the posters here include

Men in Black

Above an unattended security desk, guests can see a photograph of Link Hogthrob in a patrol man uniform. A sign nearby, tells guests that there is a key under the mat, and if guests lift it, the mat reveals a key to the building.

After reaching the end of the queue, guests enter a holding area which is designed to look like a storage facility for Muppet props. Some gags in the prop room including “a net full of Jell-O” (a pun on Annette Funicello) and a box of fruit marked “2D Fruities”. Also located in the room are crates full of:

  • “Gonzo’s Stunt Props (and really weird stuff).
  • Bunsesn’s inventions
  • Photograph’s from Fozzie’s photo shoot.
  • Miss Piggy’s costumes.
  • Lew Zealand’s Boomerang Fish

Here are some picks from the prop room:

A few fun facts:

  • Muppet Vision 3D was the last Muppet project to be directed by Jim Henson.
  • In the film, Jim Henson’s son John performs Sweetums.
  • The actors who play Sweetums in the live portion of the show are trained by the Jim Henson Company.
  • The fire truck used in the film’s finale used to be located around the corner from the attraction’s exit, but it has since been removed.
  • The Statler and Waldorf Audio Animatronics actually have three arms. The third arm is used when they are waving the white flags to surrender

Some great hidden Mickeys to look out for:

More fun facts…

This is not a hidden Mickey but it is a hidden Gonzo. As you are in the cue to enter the Muppetvision 4D and before you enter the building it is on the brick wall. Look up as you snake along the cue. There is a large diameter pipe which sticks out of the brick wall and then bends 90 degrees down towards the ground (in the shape of Gonzo’s nose). Around this pipe, in chalk, the rest of Gonzo’s face is drawn in. Pretty cool.

As one enters the Muppet 4D Vision theater, one passes several fake doors. (to the left I think). Many if not all of the doors have some kind of joke written on the window in the form of a sign. My favorite is : “Artificial Reality”. 🙂 

During the Lobby Video (preshow) Test pattern as Scooter crosses one of the screens, there is a Hidden Kermit in one of the test patterns. \

In the pre-show area, there is a hidden Jim Henson. There is a poster hanging from the ceiling with a picture of a muppet that looks just like him.

This isn’t a Mickey and it isn’t really hidden but I think it fits. Find the “Swine-trek” space ship from “Pigs in Space.” It is hanging from the ceiling towards the front and to the right of the preshow area. Now, look directly to the left of it and you will find a large picture of a Muppet with a camera lens around its neck, that is a Muppet of Jim Henson.

In the pre-show area, there is a hidden Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker. There is also a ball and a whistle on the top of the monstrous projector in the back. The ball has glasses and the whistle has 2 bulging eyes. They look like Honeydew and Beaker.

Doors along the hallway as one enters the preshow for Muppet Vision 3D: “Muppet*Vision 3D and those clever folks at Muppet Labs”…. “Stress Testing Dept: Caution! Contents Under Extreme Pressure” “Institute of Advanced Chronology: ‘Staying Ahead of the Times'” “Division of Fashion Technology: ‘Making Tomorrow a Prettier Place To Be'” And my personal favorite: “Department of Artificial Reality: This is Not a Door”

And finally, my favorite quote from the show:

Kermit: We will also see a rousing finale from Sam the Eagle. What’s it called, Sam?

Sam: It’s called “A Salute to All Nations, But Mostly America”.

Kermit: Sam, are you ready with that finale?

Sam:It’s a glorious three-hour finale!

Kermit: You got a minute and a half.

“Uh, well, uh, ladies and gentlemen I’d like to apologize for the slight technical difficulties, but I do wish to assure you that no one was hurt and this theater only suffered minor damage. So, thank you very much for coming to see this demonstration of Muppet*Vision Technology and enjoy the rest of your day and come see us again sometime!”

Thanks for joining me, have a magical day!



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