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Secrets of Toy Story Mania!

SPOILER ALERT! I’m about to reveal some secrets that I have learned about how to score big time on Toy Story Mania!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never broken 200,000 points on this game. Neither has anyone in my family. I was recently told by a cast member that the “Toy Story Maniacs ” who achieve very high point scores on TSMM are usually Florida Residents with annual passes he told me that some people will come every weekend, and spend literally the entire day playing Toy Story Mania from sun up to sun down. Now, that’s an obsession! In this segment, I am going to reveal some high point targets that I’ve learned from cast members, other guests while standing in line, and friends as well. Not to mention, my little friend Google, for good measure. So, let’s begin!

First off, keep in mind that in some parts of the ride, accuracy is a little more important to achieve higher point values, except when youe aim is to shoot your gun in all directions to hit things like multiple high score balloons dropping from clouds and such.




The first hint for a high score is…ride alone! A pair of Toy Story Midway Mania Missioners playing together will result in a tally of around 300,000 or less for each person.  There’s a lot of information circulating out there that claims working with a partner is the way to go. Apparently this is misinformation as your ride partner can steal your points resulting in less chances for you to achieve a high score.


Also..refrain from splattering characters in the beginning “Pie Throw Practice” round. You won’t be tallying any points and you will be wasting your energy.


Hamm_and_EggsYour first booth will be “Hamm & Eggs”. This is the booth where you launch plastic eggs at various barnyard characters.   Hit the 500 point Gophers at the bottom of the screen and make sure to hit the fox on the hen house in the bottom corner as well. Next, you want to aim for the 100 point pigs on the lower fence. Once you’ve cleared them, a cat will appear in the same general area with a 500 point value. Continue to repeat the process and each time the cat target point value will increase from 500 to 1000 to 2000.


Avoid wasting time and energy on the ducks with 100 point values as well as the cows and pigs near the top of the screen with low 100 point values. Concentrate on unlocking the cat for maximum scoring power!


Your score for the “Hamm & Eggs” booth should be in the 50,000 point range.




Bo_PeepYour second booth will be “Bo Peep’s Baaa-loon Pop”.  In this booth you will be launching darts at balloons. Note: If you happen to hit a water balloon you will experience a water backlash that can be distracting.


Your strategy at this booth is to hit the 500 point lambs at the bottom and the 1000 point lamb in the middle of the screen.  To get the higher point lamb balloons to reappear you simply hit one of the green or blue 100 point lambs.


The two rain clouds are the true secret to a high score at this booth!  Each cloud has five balloons. You have to pop four on one and then four on the other, leaving one balloon on each cloud. After you have cleard the four balloons on each cloud you need to prepare yourself for a precision maneuver. Shoot the last remaining balloon on one cloud and then quickly pivot over to the other cloud and shoot the last balloon there. If you are quick enough, rainbow colored 2000 point value balloons will fall from the sky.  Go crazy and shoot as many of these high score balloons as possible!


Your ideal score for the “Bo Peep’s Baaa-loon Pop” booth should be in the 70,000 point range, so your total score should be about 120,000 points.


Green_Army_MenNow you will be on your way to the “Green Army Men Shoot Camp”.  I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER, BREAK THOSE PLATES!!!  You will be breaking plates with baseballs at this booth.  At the start…break as many of the higher point plates that you can.  Two 2000 point plates will pop up on each side of the horizon. Hit them. They aren’t static and will drop back down below the horizon if you don’t hit them.


Once this step is finished, the front of the mountain will sink to reveal a hidden army tank inside. After the army tank reveal…a wave of four 2000 point plates will pop up in succession on each side of the mountain. These too aren’t static and will drop back down below the horizon if you don’t hit them.  Hit all eight 2000 point plates as well as the 5000 point plate that the tank shoots out at you and then repeat the process.  Making sure to hit all of the plates that the newly revealed tank throws out a at you.


See if you can rack up 80,000 points at the “Green Army Men Shoot Camp” Booth, total score you’re looking at should be about 200,000 points.


Flying_TossersNext up is “Buzz Lightyear’s Flying Tossers”.  At this booth you will be tossing rings.


Your first job is to ring all of the Little Green Men in the rocket ship in the center of the screen. When you ring one, it will pop down into the rocket ship. Your goal is to get all of the Little Green Men tucked safely away in the rocket ship so that it can launch. You have to be quick and get all of the Green Men safely inside! If one of these tiny aliens pops back up, the rocket will not launch. If you are successful in ringing all of the aliens fast enough, the rocket will launch and reveal a Gigantobot.


Gigantobot’s mouth will open and you can toss rings inside to score. The first point value for Gigantobot will be 100 points. Avoid the temptation to shoot your rings into Gigantobot’s mouth when the point value is 100 and concentrate on ringing the 1000 point rockets, planets, and jetpacks as well as the 5000 point aliens that drop down from the top of the screen. Gigantobot will close his mouth and will reopen it to reveal 500 points.  Now is the time to shoot rings into Gigantobot’s mouth. His mouth will close and reopen two more times revealing 1000 points and then subsequently 2000 points. Shoot as quickly as you can and you will accumulate thousands of points at this booth.


Your score for this round of play will be in the 130,000 point range, so you should be at about 330,000 points by now.


Shootin_GalleryLast but not least is “Woody’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ Gallery”, the Grand Finale Game.  You will be throwing suction darts at bullseyes in this booth.  There are three stages.


The First Stage – Try to clear the bullseyes in the center of the screen. Then move on to the gopher at the bottom and the barrels.  When the 100 point bullseyes have been cleared they will reveal 500 and 1000 point bullseyes on the buildings. When those are cleared they will reveal 2000 point bullseyes near the bottom of the screen.


The Second Stage – Your carnival vehicle will then start to move horizontally. While moving, aim for the 500 and 1000 point bullseyes in the corner under the vultures’ tree. Clearing those will reveal 2000 point bullseyes.  Repeat this process until you hit the next screen.  Aim for the snakes in the center to rack up 2000 points. Also shoot the bullseyes at the bottom of the screen underneath the gophers for 500 and 1000 points.


The Third Stage – The Mine Carts are the third stage of the Grand Finale. Try to hit ALL of the Mine Carts and 1000 point bats. A lot of people tell me “what bats???” They are at the top of the screen, about the doorways to the mines. The carts will start with 500 point values, clear those and then move to the 1000 point carts.  Next will be the 2000 point carts and then a few 5000 point carts. Your very last chance to score is the “Woody’s Bonus Roundup” in which a 500 point bullseye will pop up. Fire as fast as you can!! The bullseye will increase in point value the faster you shoot progressing from 500 to 1000 to 2000 points.


This is where you really accumulate points! In fact…you can easily rack up 175,000 points in this final round alone.


And finally, my secrets for getting in that line multiple times in one day, without standing in too long of a line. RUN, don’t walk, to Pixar Place, the minute after you get past rope drop! And get there are park opening! Fast Passes for TSMM often close out for the day before lunch time!

Get your Fast Pass immediately, then hop in the regular queue. The queue will most likely have less than a 10 minute wait. That’s basically the amount of time it takes to walk in the door and get your tushy on a ride vehicle! DO NOT stop to chat with MR. SPUD! Unless it’s your first visit, he is costing you valuable time.

Your Fast Pass will probably come due within 20 minutes of getting off the ride. So, hop right back on! Then, get your fast pass for a little later in the day. (keep in mind that you can no longer use FP’s past their expiration date) Even if you’ve missed your time slot by as little as 15 minutes, most cast members will not allow you to use it.

I would suggest then heading down to Tower of Terror and Rock n Roller Coaster at this point. Lines should be minimal, unless you are one of those poor unfortunate souls who have to go during peak season! Again, get your fast passes for these rides for later in the day, hop in the lines and get one ride out of your checklist for the day.

Break for lunch!

Then your TSMM FP will probably come due by the time you are done with lunch! At this point, you will have gotten 3 rides on TSMM, which most people think “oh, there is no way I’m getting on again today”! WRONG! If you are lucky enough, you might still get a FP, but keep in mind that you can’t carry more than two at a time. So, if you are with a party that is split between lovers and “meh” feelings about Toy Story Mania, tell them to hand over their park tickets so you can get more rides in!

Try to hop on during the afternoon parade, and when there are two showings of Fantasmic, go to the later one and use that time to ride your favorite rides.

So, there you have it, some great tips and tricks for conquering this Rootin Tootin Shootin Saloon!  Have a Magical Day!!!


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