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Secrets of Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Spoiler Alert: If you wish to conquer Zurg on your own, you may not want to read this!

Join the Battle! Evil Emperor Zurg is stealing batteries from helpless toys to power a new weapon of destruction. As a Junior Space Ranger, it’s up to you to maneuver an XP-37 star cruiser through the neon-lit Gamma Quadrant and fire lasers from an onboard cannon to stop him and score points. Spin Around and Fire! Take aim with your space cannon and fire an invisible infrared laser at a constellation of “Z” insignias. Following an introductory mission briefing with Buzz Lightyear, board an XP-37 star cruiser, take hold of the onboard cannon and begin your space crusade into the Gamma Quadrant.Score Points  With each “Z” insignia you hit, you’re rewarded with beeping sounds, flashing lights and points. The more targets you blast, the more points you’ll receive. As expected, harder-to-hit targets are worth more points.Star Command Rank  At the end of your mission, you’ll receive a Star Command ranking, based on the points you accumulated during the mission. The lowest rank is the humble “Space Cadet,” but advanced players can challenge themselves to reach the highest classification, “Galactic Hero.”

Hidden Mickeys are a favorite pastime at Disney World. My family is no exception. And, if you actually take time to look around, you will find several of these hidden gems on Buzz. While we are usually busy competing with each other for high score, on a recent ride I chose to ignore the targets, and focus my camera instead. Here are just a few of those Mickeys I have found…

While the highest scores on Buzz are not easily attainable, there are some secrets we’ve discovered during our many quests to help defeat emperor Zurg that make it much easier .

Now, spinning here is very important to reach some targets that are at an awkward angle. But there are also some that you can try to hit head on.

For starters, there are several targets that will award you with 100,000 points, if you get it dead center. Which can be a real challenge, but once you hit it, you can fire away and usually get it more than once on a single ride. Another tip: Don’t try to rapid fire your gun, just keep your thumb down on the trigger for the entire ride. Your gun will not fire any faster if you “pump it”.

In the first room, there is a robot. If you can get to the inside of the left hand, you will score 100,000 points! Now, you will need to spin backwards, and stay there in that room in order to get to it.

In the next room, there are several targets to shoot for, but the best ones for high points are those farthest away. There are batteries to your left that can be knocked over. The top of the volcano will score you

25,000. And the “alien in the box” will get you some too. I think it’s 5,000 each time you hit the handle, and once it opens the target inside will give you 25,000.

In the next room, on your right, the bottom middle target on Zurg’s ship will get you 100,000 points. This is another one that you have to ride backwards to hit properly, and you won’t be able to hit it until you are almost out of the room.

And, finally, in the “dark space room”, the fast moving Zurg ship, bottom center target will get you another 100,000 points, but good luck with that one! He’s all over the place. It’s dark. I think we’ve only hit him once!

So there ya have it. A few little secrets to make your trip to infinity and beyond, and the quest to defeat Zurg, a little bit easier. Happy hunting!


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