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Delish Desserts At Disney Part 3

Good Morning! There are more than 20 resort hotels occupying much of the 45 square miles that is Disney World. Each of these resorts has some deliciously decadent desserts to offer their guests. If I covered every resort, we’d be here all day. So today I am going to focus on some of the more popular resorts, and just give you a little taste of what’s out there.

I guess the tasty treat that first comes to mind when I think of the resort hotels, are the Zebra Domes at The Animal Kingdom Lodge.  These marvelous morsels are much loved by Disney veterans.  A Zebra Dome is a small circle of moist yummy sponge cake topped with an Amarula cream custard, coated in a dome of white chocolate – with a few other ingredients that enhance the cream, including some mild citrus, and then drizzed with a mocha chocolate. These creamy, not too sweet delights are the best ending to a meal at Boma. Whether you’re dining at Boma, or making a quick stop at The Mara, no visit is complete without indulging in these domes of delight. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

At Chef Mickey’s in the Contemporary Resort you can dine with the fab five, and have a great buffet meal to boot. One of my fave sweet sensations at Disney World is the Mickey Dome.  (domes seem to be a theme at The World!)  While it’s simply an Oreo topped with a chocolate mousse, the best part of this dessert are the chocolate Mickey ears. And, as I’ve said before, Mickey ears make everything taste better.

At Beaches n Cream at the Beach Club Resort, there is no shortage of ice cream, and of course what comes with that is a multitude of shakes and sundaes. Everyone talks about the kitchen sink here. But, if you’re stingy like me and don’t like to share, there are many sundae options to choose from. One of my favorites is the No Way Jose – A Peanut Butter and Hot Fudge Delight with Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Morsels, Whipped Cream and a Cherry. It’s a peanut butter lover’s dream. And while the peanut butter doesn’t overwhelm this sundae, you’ll know it’s in there.

At Shutters in the Caribbean Beach Resort (my families favorite resort at Disney World) you can find the Chocolate Rum Blackberry Cake. Pretty self-explanatory, but what makes this dessert special is the rum, of course, and I love the black berry sauce. Not too sweet like strawberry, and not as tart as raspberry can be, it’s just right.

At the Kona Cafe in the Polynesian Resort, you can indulge in the Kona Kone. A real cone, stuffed with ice cream, topped with sprinkles and a little chocolate Mickey, and surrounded by clouds of fluffy cotton candy. That cotton candy is sure to bring out the kid in you, and make a sticky mess – but who cares, you’re on vacation. This puppy comes complete with a blue tongue. The Kona Kone was recently revamped, and the ice cream vessel is now a cone shaped bowl instead, which I am told makes it much easier to eat.

These fluffy pillows of delight are a long time favorite of guests at the Port Orleans Resort. These Beignets I am told are the real thing. If you are lucky enough to get them when they are hot and fresh from the fryer, it’s even better.

This will wrap up my segment on the Delish Desserts you can find at Disney World. Thanks for joining me!

And remember…

Chocolate is rich in antioxidants, and it’s a vegetable, which means it’s good for you,  so have your chocolate, and eat it too!


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