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Delish Desserts At Disney Part 1

Good Morning! Today I am going to talk about some of the amazing sweet treats that can be found all over Disney World!  Let’s jump right in…

There are three treats at Magic Kingdom that every Disney veteran will tell you to put on your MUST EAT list:

No visit to Disney World is complete without the iconic Mickey Ice Cream Bar! This amazingly fantastical bar of yummy goodness on a stick can be found all over The World. While it is essentially a Dove Bar in the shape of Mickey’s head, I can tell you it tastes soooo much better, because every treat shaped like Mickey tastes better, especially when you’re on vacation. My favorite place to have one is on a park bench in front of the Castle. You can find them in most quick service restaurants and snack carts throughout Disney World.  Tip: a great way to help prevent ice cream from dripping down the side of your arm: stick the stick in the center hole of a cup lid! It does help contain those drips.

Mickey Krispies…they can be found at Goofy’s Candy Company at Downtown Disney, The Main Street Confectionery at Magic Kingdom, the candy shop on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood studios, some snack carts, most of the resort quick service locations, and some gift shops. They come in many sizes, some dipped in chocolate and other yummy concoctions, but there really is nothing like a krispie with chocolate ears and sprinkles.

A Dole Whip… You can find them at Aloha Aisle in Adventure Land in Magic Kingdom. It’s just across the way from the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. They can also be found at Captain Cook’s in the Polynesian resort. An “adult” version of this much loved treat, which is “enhanced” with spiced rum, can also be found at Epcot during both the Flower & Garden Festival and the Food & Wine Festival. A Dole Whip is either pineapple soft serve, or pineapple and vanilla soft serve swirled together. It is served on a cone or in a dish. BUT, thee best way to have it is in a float, with some sweet, juicy, amazing pineapple juice concoction. I am not sure what’s in it exactly, but I don’t really care. I have never met a person that the Dole Whip didn’t like.

Moving right along…

Who doesn’t love popcorn?!  While you can find it pretty much anywhere at Disney World, there are two places that stand above the rest, mainly for the container it comes in. At Magic Kingdom in the Big Top Circus area, you can get your popcorn Dumbo style. The most adorable way to eat popcorn ever, this container makes for a great receptacle for little toys when you get home, thus doing double duty as a souvenir! Gotta love those two for one deals. And, at Hollywood Studios, R2D2 will carry that buttery goodness around the park. My son likes to keep his legos in this dude. May the force be with you!

Cupcakes… It would be a sin not to mention a few of the many amazing cupcakes that can be found all over the world, but some of them are heads above the rest.

Pop Century Resort: The King Cupcake.  This baby is a chocolate cupcake, filled with banana, frosted with sweet, light, whipped peanut butter , drizzled with chocolate sauce, topped with candied bacon. Yes, I said bacon. It is HUGE, so bring a buddy to share.

One of many amazing Boardwalk Bakery treats, this cake is chocolate with coffee flavor. You’ll love the smooth mocha-flavored frosting. Inside, the thicker filling continues the mocha taste. I love the dark chocolate molded “coffee beans” on top!

This delectable goodie features vanilla cake piled high with buttercream frosting and white- and dark-chocolate striped shavings. Representing the graceful zebra found on the Animal Kingdom savannas, it’s the perfect sweet treat for this theme park!

Captain Cook’s at the Polynesian Resort unveiled the Chocolate Beer Cupcake – it’s a malty but not too sweet concoction.

My husband would disown me if I didn’t talk about his favorite dessert of all time: creme brulee. Disney World is a creme brulee lovers dream. There are many varieties all over the place, and here are just a few honorable mentions:

It would be a sin not to talk about traditional creme brulee, you know, that rich, sweet – but not too sweet – vanilla version. The best we’ve ever had is at Chefs de France and the Boulangerie Patisserie in Epcot. You won’t find a better shell to crack open.

At Raglan Road in Downtown Disney you can get the Bailey’s creme brulee tart…

Banana Chocolate Creme Brulee… is the flavor of the day at Kona Cafe in the Polynesian Resort. This thing of beauty comes with a caramelized banana side kick! Alooooha!

Pistacio Creme Brulee… Anyone who knows anything about Italian food knows two things: you can’t cook without garlic, and no meal is complete without pistacio or Spumoni ice cream. But, creme brulee in pistacio is heaven on a plate. This baby can be found at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant in Magic Kingdom.

Thanks for joining me today on my Amazing Disney Dessert Adventure! In my next blog, I will continue my quest for the best of the best that The World has to offer.

Until next time, remember…anything you eat with your eyes closed is calorie free!


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