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Mickey Business…

I thought I’d share some pictures of the (monkey) business my family enjoys when we visit Disney World…

It is tradition that we take this picture every year after riding the Maelstrom. I wonder, does anyone ever buy these things, or do they just wear them for the picture, and move on? I’ve never seen anyone walking around Epcot in a viking hat!

Tony’s brilliant idea! I think we did 5 different poses for this trip. Tip: don’t buy the ride pics, take a picture of it with your camera!

Tony decided to start the trip off right, with a trouble maker pose. Are we ready to party or what?!

I wouldn’t say this is mischief, more just me expressing my love for Walt 🙂

Yes, I am singing (screaming) “Dude Looks Like a Lady”

He’s trying to eat the “snow”

This is one of my favorite pics of Matthew at Disney World!

This kid is such a good sport, he will play along with any idea I have…

Michael’s face is priceless

We’ve been taking this picture every year, as kind of a measurement of Matthew’s growth. We didn’t get to Animal Kingdom this last trip, so when we go next month I’ll have to be sure and snap it again.

One of our favorite fun things to do is to make faces during the snapshot at the beginning of Spaceship Earth and then take pics of it at the end!

I hope you enjoyed my photo montage!  These goofy, fun photos capture some of my most favorite memories of our times at The World! On your next visit to Disney World, stop and take some time away from the rides, and make a little monkey business of your own!



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