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Hidden Mickey Hunting

I thought I’d have a little fun today, and just share some of the Hidden Mickeys that can be found around the World…What is a Hidden Mickey? Hidden Mickeys started out as inside jokes among the Walt Disney Imagineers. A Hidden Mickey is an image of Mickey Mouse concealed in the design of a Disney attraction (ride, resort, etc…). Originally, it took the shape of a head and ears silhouette, Disney.com, i.e. one large circle with two smaller circled on top in the appropriate place, but Hidden Mickeys can take on many forms.  In designing, constructing or adding the final touches to an attraction, Imagineers subtly “hide” Mickey Mouse silhouettes in plain sight. Soon, it became a tradition, and as the word spread, Disney fans everywhere went on the search for Hidden Mickeys in Disney movies and theme parks.

So, here are just a few of the many hundreds you can find all over Disney World, and some of my family’s favorites…



At Epcot in the pond at the Japan Pavilion

At Magic Kingdom in the queue line for Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

At Epcot, the Morocco Pavilion

Haunted Mansion

Toy Story Mania

It’s A Small World

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

MouseGear at Epcot

Rafiki’s Planet Watch at Animal Kingdom


Rock n Roller Coaster

Splash Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Living with the Land at Epcot

At the Seas with Nemo & Friends

Tomorrowland Transit Authority at Magic Kingdom

Mission Space at Epcot

Backlot Tour at Hollywood Studios

Space Mountain gift shop, you can get a great view of it from the Tomorrowland Transit Authority

Aladdin display in one of the windows on Main Street

At the Seas with Nemo & Friends

another one in Morocco

Rafiki’s Planet Watch at Animal Kingdom

Also at Rafiki’s

Mousegear Gift Shop at Epcot

Matthew seems to find his own Hidden Mickeys everywhere we go 😉

I’m not sure if this one is there anymore, it’s where the Playhouse Disney Show was, but it changed again.

Rock n Roller Coaster

we found this one on Test Track but I’m not sure if it’s still there after the re-design.

at Expedition Everest

As you can see, Mickey is everywhere! You just have to stop for a second and let him find you. 


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