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Holidays at Disney World, To Go or Not To Go?

Hello fellow Disney Lovers! Lets get right to it…so, how do you decide whether or not to go to Disney World during the holidays? 

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Well, there are many questions you must ask yourself:

1. How important is it to you and your family to be there for the holidays?

2. Holiday season is a very expensive time to go to Disney World in general. Your airfare, hotel, food, and other expenses will be much more than if you were to visit during “off” season. Does your budget allow for this. I have said this before, and I will say it again: you should never “finance” your vacations! 011110111

Not only does it take a long time to pay off, but with fees and interest, you could be paying nearly double what you would have if you paid cash! Make your deposit on your package, consider it a “lay away”. Pay on it as you can, weekly, monthly, what you are able without crushing your regular budget. Or, wait for your tax refund to pay it off. That is what we generally do.

3. Can you stand very high crowd levels and long waits in line for attractions? These are times when you will not get to see and do as much as you can during the off season. People Waiting In Line

4. Are you there more to see the decorations, visit a few of your favorites, maybe dine at a special restaurant, where it may give you a break from the crowds and long lines?

5. What is it that most entices you to be there during the holidays? Is it the thought of standing on Main Street on Christmas Day? Is it having a special Thanksgiving dinner at a favorite restaurant? Do you want to ring in the New Year in style, or indulge your inner Mickey while watching the 4th of July fireworks at Magic Kingdom? How about trick or treating around the Castle and dressing up on Halloween?

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Well, unless it’s absolutely imperative that you be in the parks on the exact day of your favorite holiday, the special events around the world can be enjoyed during those seasons, without having to endure all the craziness that goes along with visiting during peak season. For example: with the Limited Time Magic events this year, Magic Kingdom will be celebrating the entire week of Independence Day, not just 4th of July. Which means you can get there earlier in the week when it might not be so crazy.  At Christmas time, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party actually starts in early November and runs through December. The Christmas decorations will be up all around the World by mid-November, so why not visit during those “off” times – I highly suggest the second week of November, and the first week of December. It is one of the most magical times at Disney World, and the weather is just beautiful. Sunny most days, mid 70’s, but early morning and after sundown can be a bit chilly, so you do have to plan accordingly.

6. Can you handle this: 01 Or this: 01111 How about this: 01111

So, those are just a few of the things that I have considered when to holiday or not to holiday at my happy place. That being said, since we will be Florida residents (VERY) soon, I am planning to take full advantage of being able to visit Disney World during the holidays. Even though those times of year can be some of the most crowded, they can also be some of the most magical. 0111

Personally, I think every Disney lover should do it at least once. It’s been on my bucket list for a very long time. That, and celebrating our birthdays there. And, I fully intend to do all of that this year! I have to admit, that inner Minnie Mouse in me wants to do it all, and I think she’s going to take over once we live there. For people who visit as frequently as I have, or those who live in Florida and can visit as often as they like, I think it’s a great way to continue the magic that we all feel at Disney World. When you go too often, a bit of that Magic is lost. And I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a holiday or special ocassion. I just know that my inner Minnie is going to be doing the happy dance! 01111

Thanks for joining me on this edition of Amy’s Amazing Disney Adventures. I hope you will continue to follow me as this new chapter in my life unfolds! Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and share my blog with friends.

Until next time, have a Magical Day, and remember to control the pet population: have your pets spayed or neutered. 011


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