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Daily Disney Dish 2/10/13

Hello everyone!  Before I begin, I just want to mention, that I have been doing this blog, my first blog ever,  for only 10 days. And I already have 138 followers and 243 views of my posts! Thanks so much!  Don’t forget to post comments and questions!

Today I want to talk about the “educational” opportunities for kids visiting Disney World. But first…

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“Be Our Guest” From Beauty and the Beast

Side note: at the new Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom, you CAN get The Grey Stuff!!! But only if you are celebrating something special. They normally ask when you make your reservation if you have a celebration. They also ask when you check in at the restaurant. But be sure to tell your server too!


OK, so educational opportunities at Disney World when visiting with kids….keep in mind that you have to determine the age appropriateness of each of these. Obviously some are better suited for preschoolers and early elementary years, while others would be best to share with older kids…

Epcot is loaded with opportunities!


  • In every pavillion at World Showcase there are so many things that you can learn about each country’s culture, traditions, religions, food they eat. For example: at the China pavilion there are architectural buildings that represent those in China. There is a building that has a scale display of the Terra Cotta Soldiers. It has plaques that tell the history of the soldiers. There are also displays in that building of Chinese artifacts, that also have plaques with information about those items. My son took the opportunity to write one of his essays for his social studies class about the Terra Cotta Soldiers. I also have my kids keep journals while they are there so that they can share the things they have learned with their teachers and classes when they go back to school. There are shops that sell native merchandise; clothing, snacks, toys, jewelry, even books about those countries. Every pavilion is staffed by people who are native to those countries. Have conversations with these cast members! They are all too happy to answer questions you have, and just have a little chat. I have learned so much from them.
  • For younger children, there are the Epcot Kid Cot stations! This is a wonderful way to have kids participate in arts and crafts, visiting things like the Finding Nemo pavillion, the different countries, and so much more. They can even purchase a “passport” for $10, and there is a cast member at each Kid Cot station who will stamp the passport with a stamp representative of those countries. They will even write your child’s name in those native languages – Chinese and Japanese lettering, in Italian and French, and so much more.


  • There are behind the scenes tours that you can take with your kids. Some of them have minimum age ranges for those tours, so it’s best to check ahead of time. For example, the “Behind the Seeds Tour” at the Living with the Land pavilion. It takes you behind the scenes of the Living with the Land boat ride, teaches you how they grow all of the foods in their displays on that ride. Everything from hydroponics, to growing in sand, to even techniques that they have done to grow produce in space!
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At Hollywood Studios, again, there are many behind the scenes tours available.

  • In the Great Movie Ride they can learn about movie production.
  • They can take Art of Animation Classes where they learn to sketch various Disney characters.


  • And again, talk to the cast members! They can be an invaluable resource for anything you can imagine.

At Magic Kingdom

  • They can take behind the scenes tours. again there are minimum age requirements for those.
  • Talk to the cast members! I can’t stress this enough!
  • The Hall of Presidents is a wonderful way to learn about the history of our nation.
  • The Liberty Bell in Liberty Square has a plaque that talks about that time period in history.
  • And that’s just a taste of what awaits you at Magic Kingdom.

At Animal Kingdom

  • At the different sections of the park there are a ton of things to learn.
  • In Africa you can learn about the cultures and traditions. There are some great items for purchase there. Kids can play drums and other instruments. There are performers who play traditional Africa music.
  • When you take the safari, the tour guides will tell you all about the animals on the savannah.
  • At Rafiki’s Planet Watch they have a special section for the healthcare treatment of the animals. You can watch them perform dental work, check ups, and more.
  • Again, there are private tours available. I was very lucky to do the Wild Africa Trek in one of my visits last year. You go on such an adventure, and the cast members on the tour were just amazing. I learned so much about the animals. From, why the crocodiles keep their mouths open, even when they are resting. To why the male and female hippos are separated in to different areas of their habitat.

Wild Africa Trek -  113 Photo0013FourBySix  Wild Africa Trek -  013 Wild Africa Trek -  029

If you would like further information on these opportunities, and how to book the behind the scenes tours, feel free to visit: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/events-tours/

As well as: http://allears.net/btp/beyond.htm#other

I hope you found this episode of the Daily Disney Dish most EDUCATIONAL!!! Have a magical day.



2 thoughts on “Daily Disney Dish 2/10/13

  1. These are some of the things I love most about Walt Disney World! We also utilize the more everyday opportunities that the trip presents for educational experiences: like saving money or map reading and navigation. What might be a boring topic under normal circumstances suddenly becomes fun when applied at Walt Disney World!

    • thank you Kellie! Yes, the budgeting money and other things you mentioned are something I plan to touch on in another post about touring the parks with kids and how you can teach them to plan, prioritize and budget their time and money on vacation.

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