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Daily Disney Dish 2/1/13

Good Morning! Today I am going to talk about traveling to Disney World with babies, toddlers, and preschool aged kiddies…but first:

Daily Disney Quote:

“You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity. ”
[waves in military fashion]

– Buzz Lightyear

Daily Disney Song:

Orlando Forecast:

Sunny and 68 degrees

So, on to my tips and tricks for traveling to Disney World with little ones…

baby disney

  • Incase you get separated from your child:  Put your name and cell phone number on a note in her pocket. They do not have a paging system, but the cast members are in full “mode” when someone goes missing. Have a central place at each park to meet if you get separated, like the Castle, and show it to her, remind her where it is when you get there. Tell her to go to anyone with a name tag, or a mom walking with kids, and they will call you for her, and find a place to meet up.
  • If you like your small child to be in a stroller, bring an umbrella stroller with you. The strollers at Disney are $18 a day to rent! If you don’t want to bring one with you, they sell red and black ones near each park entrance and at some of the hotel gift shops for $59. It is a huge savings. Then you can take it home, or pass it on to another family when you are ready to leave.
    1. follow their home eating and napping schedule as closely as possible!
    2. Let them out of the stroller in more secluded areas, so they can stretch, run around a bit, feel a little free.  Best areas for that:
      1. on the beaches or kiddie pool at the resort
      2. splash pads – great little pop-up fountain areas for little ones to splash in. at the parks. You can find them on the park maps. (bring a swim diaper and extra clothing to the park!)
      3. Magic Kingdom – near the Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland.
      4. Magic Kingdom – Main Street –  the little side street between the Bake Shop and Jewelry Shop.
      5. Magic Kingdom – Liberty Square – just over the bridge past the Castle there is a little area with benches and trees in the shade, to the left of the bridge.
        1. Hollywood Studios – Honey I Shrunk the Movie Set in the Backlot
        2. Hollywood Studios – There’s a nice little “alley” just past Pixar Place, to the left, near the Cool Wash Station
        3. Hollywood Studios – The Streets of America on the Backlot.
        4. Animal Kingdom – The Boneyard
        5. Animal Kingdom – Rafiki’s Planet Watch
        6. Animal Kingdom – there are little shaded bench areas all over Camp Minnie Mickey.
        7. Epcot – There’s a little alcove to the right of the Coral Reef Restaurant/
        8. Epcot – Over by Captain Eo and Figment there is an area with “jumping fountains” that is never crowded.
        9. Epcot – there’s a little path to the left of Test Track with benches.

        3. Characters: avoid lines and having to go to multiple locations by booking a character meal.

        In the Parks, best attractions for them to see without getting restless, or being afraid:

        Magic Kingdom

        1. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
        2. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
        3. It’s a Small World
        4. Peter Pan’s Flight
        5. Mickey’s Philharmagic
        6. Enchanted Tiki Room
        7. The Jungle Cruise

        Hollywood Studios

        1. Voyage of the Little Mermaid
        2. Playhouse Disney
        3. Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set


        1. The Seas With Nemo and Friends
        2. Journey to Your Imagination with Figment
        3. Innoventions
        4. Mexico – the Grand Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros

        Animal Kingdom

        1. Camp Minnie Mickey
        2. The Boneyard
        3. Rafiki’s Planet Watch
        4. Festival of the Lion King
        5. Finding Nemo the Musical



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