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What To Pack For A Trip To Disney World

These are some items that I have found to be essential when on vacation:

In General

  • Don’t forget chargers for any electronics you will be bringing with you such as cell phones, laptops, e-readers, kids handheld games, cameras, etc.  If your camera or cell phones loses it’s charge while you are in a Disney park, take it to guest services and if they have the correct charger (or if you happen to have it with you) they will keep it there and charge it for you. Simply return a few hours later and it will be set to go!
  • For anything that requires batteries, bring them with you, in your carryon, in their original packaging. They are very expensive at parks and hotels.
  • If you take medication and/or vitamins & supplements, don’t forget those. It is helpful when going through airport security to have them in the original bottles. But it is not necessary. I take mine in my weekly organizer, and have never been questioned. But it is always a smart idea to check the TSA regulations online before you go.
  • Gallon sized Ziploc bags. I put all of my toiletries in them so they do not leak inside my luggage. I use them to pack wet bathing suits when going home. And, because my son MUST visit the Lego Store at Downtown Disney, I also use Ziploc bags to bring them home. They are much easier to pack than the boxes that Legos come in. Just be sure to take the instructions too! If you happen to lose or leave the instructions behind, you can find them on Lego.com or email them and they will send them to you free of charge.
  • Cold medicine, pain reliever, stomach medications, etc.

What To Pack For a Day in the Parks:

  • hand sanitizer
  • antibacterial wipes
  • Shout Stain Wipes – because no one wants stained clothes in photos,  no one wants to take time out of the parks to go back to the resort to change, and no one wants to spend extra money in the gift shops to get a new shirt. (well, almost no one, I certainly don’t mind buying new clothes!)94354JD
  • Dr. Scholl’s Mole Foam. It is a life saver for blisters and sore feet!  You can get it at most grocery or drug stores in their foot care aisle.


  • A small pair of scissors. To cut your mole foam to size. To remove tags from souvenirs. To open difficult snack packaging, etc.
  • Bandaids! Or even better, a mini first aid kit. You can get them for $1 at Target and Walmart in their travel toiletries section. You don’t want to have to run across the park to a First Aid station if you get a small cut!


  • Disposable rain ponchos. You can get them in the camping aisle at Target and Walmart for $1-2 a piece. They are really convenient because they are small, cheap, and you can toss them once the rain stops. There is nothing worse than dragging a wet poncho around the parks and then having it drip dry in your hotel room. And they are very expensive in the parks, about $9 each. They are cute, they have a picture of Mickey on the back, but then you feel obligated to keep it! And, I’d much rather spend $4-8 on four ponchos instead of $36.


  • Travel size Kleenex.
  • Chapstick.
  • Travel size sunscreen. Keep the big one in the room, but take a little one for re-application.
  • A comb!  Spruce up your do before those all-important character photos!
  • They do not sell gum anywhere on Disney property. So, if you must chew, bring it with you.

I think I covered everything. If you have anything you would like to add, feel free to post a comment!


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